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Green Party of Lake County is part of and part of the Green Party of the U.S.

Our meetings are usually every fourth Sunday 4-7 pm at Round Table Pizza in Lakeport

In 2015 we will be meeting almost every 3 months since there is not much political activity going on.

Our meetings for 2015 are Jan, March, June, Sept, Dec.  Still the third Sunday. Next year 2016 we will be meeting monthly as the BOS elections will be coming up and we will try to host all the candidates.

If you want to speak at one of our meetings call us and we will schedule you.

Sept 18, 2016 meeting will feature two candidates for BOS. Monica Rosenthal and Tina Scott. Meeting is from 4-7pm.  No host food. Oct meeting will be on the 16th and have Moe Simon, BOS candidate 1st Dist. 4-7pm. We are not having meetings for Nov. and Dec. due to the holidays and the elections will be over anyway.

Update 2017. No politics right now. So we will not meet till next year. I am looking for someone to take over as it is too much for me after 7 years with no help.  Email us or go to our facebook page Lake County Green Party